Longoni Masai Silver Pool Cue

Longoni Masai Silver Pool Cue

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Longoni Masai Silver pool cue with shafts S2 Slim.

Bases on the translation of the Italian marquetry, Longoni cue to launch a new limited edition collectors.

The mod. Floral is a stick with a core of solid wood and Macassar ebony cone, olive groves, inlays and Elforyn rings (synthetic ivorio).

The butt is made entirely of small pieces of wood to recreate a floral theme of Italian tradition. Silver rings engraved by hand by skilled craftsmen.

Thanks to S2 shaft included  has a playability with maximum control in the game.

It comes with a carrying case and an 'extension 3Lobite.

Woods used: African ebony, maple frisee, Snakewood, olives, hard Canadian maple

3Lobite complete


2 shafts S2 Slim, Longoni Compact cue case and 3  Lobiteextension 

Joint: VP2-T, titanium

Weight 18,5 oz

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