McDermott G201 Pool Cue

High performance cue

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Since 1975, McDermott Handcrafted Cues has made it their mission to raise the bar of what billiard players expect from a high performance cue. Drawing on the latest technology and a state-of-the-art facility, each year McDermott consistently delivers tasteful yet aggressive designs.á

Over 150 separate operations are used to build each McDermott cue. After the original design is developed, a CAD programmer uses CAM software to translate the design into machining language. The design is then sent to a sophisticated milling machine so sensitive it can hold tolerances to within one thousandth of an inch, even on the most unique and highly detailed designs. Experienced finish artisans hand-apply stain coloration by hand, one cue at a time. McDermott inlays are precision milled from a variety of exotic woods, precious metals, pearls, ivory and specialty composites. Each inlay and ring is inset by hand to ensure a perfect fit. Each cue is finished with a moisture-barrier to prevent warpage and give the trademark McDermott high-gloss finish.