Longoni Travel Bag For Hard Pool Cue Cases

Longoni Travel Bag For Hard Pool Cue Cases

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The Longoni Frequent Flyer travel bag for Longoni 2x5 billiard cue cases is great protection for your Longoni hard cue case. (Hard case sold separately)

- Black cue case protective bag for airplane travel

- This is the external soft cover that will protect your Longoni 2x5 cue case while you travel. 

- It allows you to carry the case on your shoulder thanks to its shoulder strap.

- Thanks to the special unscratchable cloth, your case is safe even if it is shipped in the hold of the plane.

- Longoni cue cases from the Avant and Aqua series 2 butts and 5 shafts will fit in this travel bag (cue case sold separately)