Longoni S5 VP2 20/730/12 5-Pin Shaft

Designed and manufactured in Italy by Longoni

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Longoni S5 VP2 20/730/12 5-Pin Shaft

S5 is the Longoni team response to the problem of the gap. 

A layered toe cap is based on the concept that the wood is highly anisotropic and can not give a uniform reaction in each tip.

Starting from a natural material such as wood, Stratos has recreated a perfect tip with high and constant performance.

In 2004 Longoni has enhanced this technology with the new S2 based on the selection of 10 cloves Canadian maple.

S5 completes the line with an innovative structure in hornbeam, for maximum sensitivity and precision in the shot in the effects. The top 5 for the game of skittles / International / Gorizia.

measures: L 730mm, D 20mm, 12.2mm d


JBR ring, leather Da Vinci


Weight: 125 / 135gr

Discipline: 5 Pin / International / Gorizia

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