Longoni Galaxy White Signature Billiard Cue

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Longoni Galaxy White Signature Billiard Cue

Italian design for an Asian player : Galaxy is the first cue ever made by Longoni for a Korean player: Mr. Kim Jae-guen, top Korean player, who is part of the Longoni team since 2012.

The Longoni Galaxy White Signature cue has been designed specially for 3-Cushion and features an elegant design with new materials such as the green precious s-malachite . The structure is made with the Solid Core technology which gives life to the cue and feels natural while you play.

- Woods used: Curly Maple, Olive wood and Hornbeam.

Other specs of the cue:

- Cue Joint Longoni VP2

- Tip Diameter: 11/11,5/12 mm

- Tip: Kamui Black

- Join protectors included

- 20 cm 3-Lobite Extension included

- Stella Cue Case included

This cue is sold with two shfats S2.

Extra price with other shafts:

- S20: Euro 80 per shaft