Kamui 0.98 Blue Chalk

Kamui 0.98 Chalk Maple (Beige)

–15% 25.50 Ç 21.68 Ç

Prezzo senza IVA: 17.92 Ç

Spedizione in 24–48 ore

Kamui 0.98 Billiard Blue Chalk for pool cues Maple (Beige) colour.

Larger Sweet Spot:

Kamui Chalk contains a much finer particle size than standard billiard chalk.This maximizes the friction and offers a larger sweet spot, whic also allows to generate more spin on the cue ball.

More Accurate Aim:

Reducing slippage decreases cue ball deflection, giving the player a more accurate trajectory when English is applied.

The Kamui 0.98 billiard chalk is for extreme shots and really elimites the miscue risk. It does not need to re-applied for every shot and leave more residue on the ball than the 1.21 Kamui chalk.

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