Book: 3 cushion billiard. Training programs

Teaches amateurs and professionals plan their individual training

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Billiards three cushion. Training programs teach amateurs and professionals plan your individual training. For it offers programs, usually weekly, to work in a pleasant and relaxed, in order to maximize short-term performance, while achieving a solid and efficient to increase their personal brands play.

With the proposed exercises you will get:

• Improve and perfect the technique of execution.

• Design a pattern of play to perfect tactics, focusing on the backbone of the specialty, consisting positions ruts, cabins positions and the positions of five bands; in addition to training of all the families of caroms.

• Develop a strategy training practices and approaches taken from real situations of competition.

• Organize and plan training sessions with programs for each of the three aspects mentioned above.

All guidelines for training offered by the author, will serve to distribute and make your time that is available for personal training, and for a good shape for the achievement of objectives aimed at the competition.

José María Quetglas.

José María Quetglas, a native of Murcia, is for many years one of the best European players in the form of three bands ago. He has participated in the most important competitions in the world, achieving a remarkable history. He has also excelled in the field of research and education systems, both for beginners and for top-notch players. He has been Technical Director of the Royal Spanish Federation of Billiards and modernization programs responsible for this sport. He has planned and guided the preparation of junior players for top competition with great results. In 2001 he made the Masters in sports performance by the Autonomous University of Madrid and the Spanish Olympic Committee.

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