Billiard Cue Cuetec WCT Break

Cuetec break cue

170.00 Ç

Prezzo senza IVA: 140.5 Ç

Spedizione in 24–48 ore

Billiard Cue Cuetec WCT Break in black colour.

Thanks to a sophisticated system the WCT Break Cue from Cuetec considerably improves the precision of break shots.

The shaft consists of very good hardened Canadian maple wood and is equipped with a carbon core.

Cue joint: 3/8 x 14 stainless steel thread.


- WCT shaftmade of hard canadian maplewood

- Bakelite Ferrule

- Tiger tip

- Cuetec thread

- The carbon core perfectly transfers the energy

- Pro Taper


- Black Veltex Grip

- Laminated maplewood

- Rubber bumper