Summa tip tool 11,6-13,5 mm

It helps you maintain your tip in good shape

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Summa tip tool 11,6-13,5 mm.

The Summa tip tool 11,6-13,5 mm will help you maintain your cue tip in good shape and prevent mushrooming. It fulfills 3 functions in one tool: 




These are the pieces of the tool:

A- Diamond-shaped surface: helps to create micro holes in your cue tip and increases the chalk held on the cue tip. Improves the playability of the cue highly, as well as the cue ball control.

B- Abrasive top shaper: creates the perfect top shape of the tip to improve contact with the cue ball. This part is easily replaceable.

C- Tip side trimmer: Helps in removing the excess leather resulting from the "mushrooming" process that happens hit after hit. This part is easily replaceable (3 smooth replacement papers for Summa - sold separately)

D- Conic compressor: after removing the "mushroom tip", this part compresses the leather. Making it shine and durable in time.

Suitable for 11.6 to 13.5mm tip diameter shafts.

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