Billiard Cue Cuetec Ares CAR-5

With 3/8x14 joint

195.00 €

Prix sans TVA: 161.16 €

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Cuetec Ares CAR-5 pool cue with shaft Cuetec R360.

This model of high performance and high quality presents an improvement in the technological aspects of the cue.

It has a hard tubular composite core, which is surrounded by 4 segments of maple wood. Thanks to it, control of the ball is facilitated.

Its attractive design features an air ferrule that creates a high damping effect. Also the Tiger Everest tip makes this cue one of the best on the market.

The joint of the butt is made of stainless steel and thanks to Cuetec's Acueweight technology, the weight of the cue can be adapted according to the needs of the player.

Finally it has an Irish linen grip that helps control the cue and a comfortable feeling in the game.

Shaft: R360 Pro Taper

Tip: Tiger Everest

Ferrule: Air Cushion