Molinari by Predator CRMSP-18A Carom Billiard Cue

Comes with a high performance Vantage 3C shafts

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Molinari by Predator CRMSP-18A Carom Billiard Cue

The Predator Molinari cues are precision cues and produce an incredible feel. Molinari is made to revolutionize your game! It is constructed with the complete 4-point Predator joint technique.

Molinari comes with a high performance produced by the Predator Vantage 3C shafts that are more precise than the conventional arrows, generating more centrifugation. You will notice a real difference in accuracy in long shots with side effect. You do not need to compensate for the white ball deflecting to one side, with Molinari you go where you are aiming. The shaft Predator 3C is a true revolution that will help you play better, whether you are new to the game or a confirmed player.

Standard tip diameter: 11.8 mm.

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