Mesa de Billar Pool Dynamic Hurricane 9 Pies Negra

Elegant design with high quality materials

2390.00 €

Price without VAT: 1975.21 €

Delivery in 3 weeks

The modern design of the Pool 9 hurricane pool table is impressive. It comes with a 3-piece, 25-mm natural slate, which can be justified with 26 levelers and adjustable leg levelers, so it can be aligned with precision.

The base is made of sturdy plywood and has an integrated ball storage box. Its cloth is extremely durable and easy to clean, guaranteeing an optimum speed, a smooth rolling and a long service life.

  • Brushed metal corners
  • 3 pieces natural slate: 25 mm for precise movement
  • Easy adjustment of the blackboard with 26 slate levelers inserted in the internal frame
  • Integrated ball storage box
  • Approved for commercial and private use.
  • Field of play: 254 x 127 cm.
  • Size of the table 286 x 154 x 80 cm
  • Space required for a perfect game: 564 x 437 cm.
  • Packed in 8 boxes + blackboard of 3 pieces:
  • Total weight: 486.5 kg (Table: 180 kg, Slate: 283 kg, Tare: 23.5 kg)
  • Standard cloth included (color as the image, although it may differ)


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