Longoni Black Mamba Shiny Star Pool Cue

Available with shaft S2 American 12,8 mm

Shaft Type

1459.00 €

Price without VAT: 1205.79 €

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Longoni Black Mamba Shiny Star Pool Cue

Like a snake, the Black Mamba comes from the darkness. Ebony joins Micarta and Turquoise inlays. A 'unique core hornbeam makes this stick strong and powerful at the same time.

3Lobite installed

Rings phenol rupture.

Joint: VP2S, steel

Woods used:

ebony, hornbeam, Canadian maple selected.

Shaft Longoni S2 American 12,8 mm

Tip Kamui SS

It comes with joint protectors and 3Lobite Extension

'Longoni Original product' certificate

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