Jolly Cue tip tool

Remove your old tip and level your ferrule

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Jolly Cue tip tool.

Remove your old tip and level your ferrule with the Jolly Cue tip tool.

Mode of use:

1. Open up the Jolly Cue repair tool

2. Cut the billard cue tip with a cutter. Be careful to cut it as clean as possible without cutting the ferrule.

3. Position the "clamp" part of the Jolly Cue tool on the shaft and insert the top part into into it. The sandpaper should be facing down onto the ferrule. Rotate until the cue tip is completely removed and the ferrule surface is clean of any glue residue

4. Put your cue tip in one of the holes of the round plastic part. Then insert the other part with the sandpaper and rotate the sandpaper on the cue tip until the cue tip surface is rough. Now your cue tip is ready to be glued onto your cue shaft.

Suitable for shafts with a tip diameter between 10 and 14mm.

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