Billiard Table Dynamic Turnus II 10 ft pekan

Pyramid billiard table

3590.00 €

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Billiard Table Dynamic Turnus II 10 ft pekan.

- World Championship table

- Cushions: carefully selected 95mm African hardwoods, more solid than any comparable table

- Legs: 27,5 cm diameter with decorative carvings and adjustable brass leg levelers

- Pockets: custom-designed handcrafted leather

- Body: MDF for maximum temperature persistence(sideboards 43mm))

- Special advanced triple polish for long-lasting finish

- D.B.O. Speedball Professional rubber cushions pyramid

- Lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanships

- Slate: 5 pieces fully-backed slate 38mm

- Playfield: 294x147 cm

- Table size: 323x175 cm

- Tequired space for perfect play: 604x457 cm

- Total weight: 825 kg

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The cloth of the table, shipping cost and assembly there aren´t included in the price. For more information, please contact in the email