Billiard Glove Predator Second Skin Right Hand

Billiard Glove Predator Second Skin, 3 finger for right hand. Available in black-grey and black-yellow

Glove Size

27.90 €

Price without VAT: 23.06 €

Delivery in 2 months

Billiard Glove Predator Second Skin for right hand available in black-grey and black-yellow.

- Ultra-Dry Breathable Mesh

- Non-Slip Thumb Heel Pad

- Double Stitched Construction

- Elastic-Velcro Closure

- Second-Skin® Low-Friction Surface

More confidence and more consistency translates to on the table results. Predator’s Second Skin premium billiard gloves provide players of all levels with an extremely smooth and low-friction surface for increased accuracy and consistency – regardless of the conditions or the shot.

When players have a smooth and steady stroke every time they’re at the table, they can focus on what matters most – winning.

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