Billiard Cue Cuetec Jump

Billiard Cue Cuetec Jump

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Billiard Cue Cuetec Jump in black colour.

The shaft of this cue is made of graphite and is very resistant against vibrations, making it very well suited for precise jumps.

The cue is equipped with a hard-wearing metal ferrule for an optimal energy transfer and a 14 mm adhesive leather tip.

An established veltex grip protects the cue from moisture and gives it a firm control.

The shaft and the butt are easy to connect with the stainless steel thread.


- Made of graphite

- 14 mm tip

- Metal ferrule

- Joint: 3/8x14


- Veltex grip

- Metal thread

Weight approximate of the cue: 8,9 oz

Lenght: 105 cm