Billiard Cue Cuetec Edge R360 CER-3

With 3/8x14 joint

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Available 24–48 h

Billiard Cue Cuetec Edge R360 CER-3 with 3/8x14 joint.

It is made from 4 segments of best Canadian maple wood surrounding a composite core.

It has R360 Pro-Taper shaft and Tiger Everest tip.

Butt: Irish linen wrap

The Cuetec stainless steel thread allows for a stable connection. Especially notable is the Acueweight System which makes it possible to change the weight of the cue individually.


- R360 Pro-Taper-Shaft

- Cuetec ACF - Air Cushion Ferrule

- Tiger Everest tip

- Cuetec thread


- Irish Linen wrap

- Acueweight

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