Red Devil Billiard Table

Available in Pool or Carom

2280.00 €

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Red Devil Table available in pool and carom version.

Strong and essential style product, thanks to the scratch resistant formica, it is the perfect table for your leisure and game room.

Supplied with two pieces table top, always in scratch resistant formica.

The legs in powder coated steel are each one adjustable to assure a perfect balance.

These are other specs of the table:

- 1 pc slate 19 mm

- Cushions already fitted with cloth

- Cloth included in the price

- You can complete the table with other accesories (not included in the price)

Playing surface dimensions: 210 x 1,05 cm

Size measurements: 239 x 134 cm

Room size for installation: 533 x 411 cm

IMPORTANT NOTE: Pool tables don´t have included in the price, shipping or the assembly. For more information please write an email to: