Pechauer Black Ice JP Break Shaft

Pechauer Black Ice Break Shaft with JP joint

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Pechauer Black Ice JP Break Shaft.

The Black Ice Shaft is made from a solid piece of hard rock maple. Because it’s real wood, it has grain and other markings including mineral and sugar marks. The Black Ice shaft goes through a dying process that forces jet black dye into the pours of the wood going all the way through. As maple is such a hard and dense wood, the dye finishes a darker gray color.

With Infused Chemical Engineering (ICE) Technology, chemicals are infused into the cells of the wood, changing its structure for added density and a smooth, glass-like feel for less friction and increased velocity. This multi-step process is not a barrier, but a permanent treatment that penetrates the entire shaft. Average shaft weight of 6.4 oz for a weight-forward balance delivery. This means more power with less effort for a maximum break.

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