Longoni Tonny Carlsen Scandinavia

Longoni Tonny Carlsen Scandinavia carom cue

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The Longoni Scandinavia billiard cue by Tonny Carlsen is a classic design carom cue with an Italian flair in colors and proportions.

Built with the french style flames this cue will remember the style of the Longoni cues made in the '90s (such as the model Kay or the model Shimada), also called the Japanese Longoni age.

- Birdseye Maple forearm

- French flames

- Lacewood grip

- VP2 quick-release joint

Other specs of the cue:

- Cue Joint Longoni VP2

- Tip Diameter: 11/11,5/12 mm

- Tip: Da Vinci

- Join protectors included