Longoni Cremona Carribean Billiard Cue

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Extension 3Lobite

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Longoni Cremona Carribean billiard pool an carom cue.

The Longoni Cremona Carribean poo cue with its "less is more" design, is the perfect cue for the technique lovers. The Curly maple used on this cue is the same one used for the most prestigious violins in the world.

Together with stainless steel collars, the butt is enriched by Longoni original leather strips.

For a more solid hit, the maple is strengthen inside with the hornbeam Longoni solid core. Vp2 titanium (grade 5) joint gives feeling, light weight and durability.

3lobite extension system is installed on default.

Specs of the cue:

- Joint: Longoni VP2
- Tip diam: 11/11,5/12 mm
- Tip: Kamui black
- Thread protectors: included

Name engraving: Euro 80. Check availability at info@poolmania.es