Longoni Collection Lux Pool Cue

Longoni Collection Lux Pool Cue

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Longoni Collection Lux Pool Cue

Bi-block structure with the top to the 'French' and handle in African ebony worked octagon. The splint is decorated with silver inlay prezioni that, along with the upper and lower rings are engraved with Renaissance motifs. The lower ring is made of olive wood inlaid with turquoise and cocobolo. The splint, with joint Xp titanium ultralight, is sold with two leads in Canadian maple ultra selected.

Woods used: African ebony, cocobolo, olive, Thuja, hornbeam, Canadian hard maple

3Lobite complete


2 shafts S2, joint protectors, 1 cue case Star certified, 1 extension 3 Lobite

Joint: XP-Titanium

Name engraving: Euro 80. Check availability at info@poolmania.es

Longoni Collection Lux

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