Longoni Collection Lux Billiard Cue

Longoni Collection Lux Billiard Cue

4500.00 €

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Longoni Collection Lux Carom Cue from the Silver Line: "Silver dressed Italian art".

Real silver parts are engraved with beautiful designs: joint collar, decorative inlays, butt cap.

Woods used: Stained Birdseye Maple, Ebony handle and points, Olive wood rings with oval coral inlays.

Octagonal grip.

Other specs of the cue:

- Cue Joint Longoni VP2

- Tip Diameter: 11,5/12 mm

- Tip: Kamui Black

- Join protectors included

- Stella cue case included

- 3 Lobite extension included

This cue is sold with two shfats S2.

Extra price with other shafts:

- S20: Euro 80 per shaft