Carom Cue Nova Rossi Phoenix Blue

Carom Cue Nova Rossi by Molinari Phoenix Blue

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Carom Cue Nova Rossi by Molinari Phoenix Blue

Presenting the new Nova Rossi by Molinari Phoenix carom cue

Made of hard Canadian Maple wood, Low Density Ferrule by Uni-Loc®, Low deflection Cored shaft, Radial® joint and Everest® Tip.

Tip: Everest® by Tiger® Products.

Ferrule: Low density ferrule powered by Uni-Loc® engineering

Shaft: Nova Rossi, Cored Construction, length 695 mm with a Standard diameter of 11.8 mm

Joint: Radial® joint, Designed and powered by Uni-Loc®, it delivers a solid, buzz-free feel.

Butt construction: Hard Canadian maple in black, red, dark grey and white metallic color,sharp black points on forearm and sleeve, 3D grip with shadow of the Phoenix – length 740 mm

Bumper: Screw-in Nova Rossi bumper

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